Answers To Common Tax Questions

The IRS has easy to use options allowing you to easily file your taxes 2014, and avoid the busy phones that the President's Day holiday typically brings. You can find answers 24/7 on and this should be your first place to look.

Where's My Refund?

Use the where's my refund link on the IRS website to check the status of your refund, and the system is easy to use as long as you have the required information. The information is updated once a day and most refunds are issued within 3 weeks or less anyway.

I Didn't Get a W2

You should contact your employer by the middle of February if you haven't received your W2, as employers are required to send them out by the end of January. If you don't get an answer from your employer, contact the IRS who will follow up with them, although you should wait until after the week of President's Day.

Can I Get a Copy Of My Transcript or Tax Return?

This can be done by mailing in the form 4506-T, using your smartphone app, or using the IRS website.

I Can't Pay The Taxes I Owe

You may be able to qualify for an agreement whereby you pay what you owe in installments, and the online payment agreement tool on the IRS website can help determine that. If you owe a larger amount, you may be eligible to settle your tax bill or an amount less than that which is owed and the offer in compromise pre-qualifier can help you to determine your eligibility.

Where can I Get Help Doing My Taxes?

Turbo Tax 2014 is easy and accurate to use, although you can also find volunteers in your area who will file your taxes for free, as well as free brand name software.

If I Have Other Tax Law Questions?

Your first step should be to search on the IRS website, whether you are looking for information on claiming dependents or wondering whether you need to file a tax return. Other options for help include the IRS tax map, and the searchable tax guide, Publication 17. You can also get answers by calling TeleTax at 1-800-829-4477

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