Why Choose a Green Webhosting Company?

There's such a massive choice of web hosts out there, a quick search on google can bring you with literally 100s of pages of web hosting companies. Offering such a wide variety of choices, it can really be pretty  confusing, especially if you've never hosted a website online before.

However, in todays environment , especially with global warming, the ice caps melting and general pressure on everybody to at least start looking at their personal footprint on the world, green web hosting comes as a sensible choice.

When we mention green hosting, you might think to yourself, 'unreliable, will it be down a lot?' - the answers to those questions is simple a big, fat NO! Hostwithwill runs from large windfarms which power several businesses offline and offline, 24 hours a day, green energy is a very reliable energy source now and choosing to go with a green web host you're making a vital first step to taking a deeper interest into the environment, whilst running a business as normal.

Web hosting doesn't have to be a difficult, complicated process if you find the right web host, so have a good look around and check them out before you make a deeper choice. However, we recommend a small, reliable web hosting company called Hostwithwill, they have provided us with reliable, fast and cheap service for quite a while now!